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Welcome to our experienced and affordable Orange County Immigration Lawyer website. We are an one of the best Orange County Immigration attorney with decades of experience helping residents of all OC communities in legal matters like  family, employment, and business based immigration cases like naturalization/citizenship, green cards, visas etc . We are well respected by the judges and other lawyers. You should have confidence knowing that we will provide you and your loved ones with a quality legal representation. We bring quality services, passion, and trial experience to all cases. We are very creative and is always proactive in finding solutions to the toughest legal problems. Nothing is small or too big for our team to handle.

We handle all type of family based immigration, employment based immigration, and business based immigration cases. Nothing is small or too big for our team to handle.

Family Based Immigration

Hundreds of thousands of individuals outside the United States of America hope to secure legal permanent residency through a relative sponsor. Family based immigration comes about through the issuance of green cards with a confirmed family relationship between the sponsor and the sponsored. The official and legal immigration process is activated through:

  • An application to become an immigrant of the US
  • Approval of petition
  • An issuance of an immigrant visa number for the party to be sponsored

Exceptions are possible for immediate relatives of existing US citizens

Potential candidates to be sponsored under family based immigration include:

  • Parents
  • Spouses
  • Siblings
  • Children
  • Adopted children

Permanent US residents may only sponsor:

  • Spouses
  • Children (unmarried)

Green Cards for family based immigration are meant for immediate family members without subjecting to immigration quotas. Children who proceed with their studies in the US need not apply for F-1 or M-1 visa with the family based immigration visa.

Employment Based Immigration

The US immigration law allows employees to apply for immigrant visas every October 1st to September 30th if the employees are qualified applicants. These immigrants could apply together with their spouses and minor children.

An employment-based immigrant visa requires the candidate to have a willing employer sponsor for either permanent or temporary residence as long as the labor certification approval is secured from the nation’s Department of Labor.

Immigrant visas for foreign workers could be of:

1) Employment First Preference or E1 Applicants

    – Workers have high abilities in the sciences, education, athletics, arts or business.

2) Employment Second Preference or E2 Applicants

– Workers with a DOL labor certification

3) Employment Third Preference or E3 Applicants

– Professionals, Skilled and Unskilled Workers with approved Immigrant Petition

4) Employment Fourth Preference or E4 Applicants

– Widows, widowers or special immigrants.

5) Employment Fifth Preference or E5 Applicants

– Immigrant investors with capital investments in new commercial enterprises that generate jobs in the US.

Temporary employment visas are possible for business or employment based immigration where foreign workers are hired for a specific project in a stipulated time frame. A non-immigrant visa could be issued to allow the foreign worker to enter the United States for employment.

Permanent employment visas allow holders to work and live in the US permanently and lawfully via the green card; after which a US citizenship could be applied after 5 years.

Foreign students on F-1 visas are not permitted to work off-campus, especially in their first academic year unless they satisfy the other conditions. Foreign vocational students on M-1 visas may engage in their stipulated course practical training upon completion of studies.

Business Based Immigration

Business investors who frequent the USA for business opportunities and business creation could apply for a B-1 visa. Their active business participation in a thriving or potential commercial or professional business nature could include:

  • Consultation with like-minded business associates
  • Attending business conventions or conferences on specific dates
  • On transit for scientific or educational symposiums and seminars
  • Settling some business dealings such as estate
  • Contract negotiation
  • Short term training facilitation or participation

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